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In the past it was common for our homes to be embellished with

ornamental decoration and splendid murals.  

Now that this is coming back into fashion, with our expertise and

creativity we are able to offer you various decorative options both for

ceilings and internal or external walls.

As a result of our vast experience in the field of restoration, our

works of art can be created in either an antique or new, contemporary manner.

Each and every home, be it house or apartment, has walls and other

areas, both inside and out, on which a painted mural or fresco would sit

beautifully - adding a very particular touch, and value, to even the

simplest of dwelling.

OUR CREATIONS - The doors of artists!

The company has been in the field of restoration and decoration

for many years and can create a beautiful and unique piece of art that

will add elegance to your home in place of the usual piece of simple,

essential furniture. The lacquering methods employed mirror those used in

past centuries - as are the materials used for their decoration: chalk,

animal glues, powder colours and natural waxes. Solid natural timber is

usually used, but, at clients' request, other materials can be

offered. We also welcome clients' personal suggestions for decorations

so that we can create the ideal result to fit perfectly into the chosen

environment. Doors can be further embellished with highlights painted

directly on to walls or panels. Each door is finished with a unique logo

and provided with a guarantee certificate.


The vast experience that we have built up in the restoration of

frescoes allows us to create a range of home decorations on panels of

various materials and sizes which can be applied to walls and ceilings, so

as to be removable as and when required. Our paintings are created from

scratch following the original designs of master decorators who worked in

Italy from the fifteen hundreds to the early twentieth century. Each

fresco is aged and then restored so as to accentuate its

authenticity. In large spaces, with larger dimensions, suitably treated

canvas supports can be used as an alternative to the base structure.