Restart means flexibility, the ability to modulate the production capacity in a very short time according to the customer's requests, a guarantee of quality and reliability of the processes carried out.


Why Restart

A complete service and a finished product

The customer choosing Restart gets many advantages because he can completely entrust the realization of the component from the very beginning without worrying about a single step. Finding materials, following the logistics of the various stages of processing and finishing treatment, and managing controls are all activities that are followed by Restarts, resulting in greater efficiency and a significant reduction in production costs for the customer.

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Design prototyping manufacturing

Restart deals with the realization of components, or groups of components, the company starts with the customer's drawing. It manages the working and finishing treatments, while also supporting the logistic service, relieving the customer from the control of the production times.
The company provides for a complete service, ready to be implemented in the manufacturing process of the customer. Restart also acts as a development partner working together the technical offices of the customer with the aim to improve and / or optimize the realization processes and the industrialization.


Restart is certified
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Furthermore, in order to guarantee regulatory compliance and the tracking of the entire supply chain of components for the automotive sector,the company adheres to the IMDS portal (International Material Data System).